With the New Year, we all have a renewed sense of growth, consideration, and vibrancy. We aim for self-improvement. One aspect that sometimes gets left out is our emotional well-being. We focus on improving our physical health, our next opportunity, or a bad habit to quit, but we often times forget to evaluate our current situations. We as humans are social creatures, and our relationships have a high impact on our mental health. We need to evaluate and improve our relationships as it is essential to our personal happiness. In this next blog series, we will be discussing friendships and the various aspects of life that either aid or disrupt relationships.

As we try to organize our life in this New Year, we must take the time to schedule in activities with our friends. By putting in the effort to see our friends, we are showing them how much we care for them. We cannot take friendships for granted. Receiving their kindness and showing them ours increases our happiness as well as offers a positive impact on lives. By prioritizing our relationships with others, we truly are prioritizing connection, love, respect, kindness, and happiness.

Through our friendships, we benefit from self-knowledge and growth. Our friends know us better than we know ourselves. They can see us for who we truly are and know how to provide us with the support and, when necessary, the reality checks we may need. True friends are difficult to find, and we all can benefit from showing them appreciation.

We should seek to be the best possible friend as well. We must give as much as we receive. One goal of ours for this year should be to become a closer, more involved, and more considerate friend. Life can get busy, but setting relationship goals and focusing on our personal relationships will so be worth any additional effort. A quick phone call, a real letter in the mail, an appreciative text message, or a meeting over a lunch break are all small ways to keep in touch. Doing something fun together is another great way to show appreciation and stay connected.

The older we get and the more complicated life becomes, the harder it is to leave our routine, however, in order to continue to build and maintain friendships, we have to be willing to make the effort. Our goal should be happiness for all, and when the right people come together, that is very achievable.

Quotes for Reflection:

“No friendship is an accident.” – O. Henry

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Helen Keller

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.” – Unknown

“That’s when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you – the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you – because that is what people are supposed to do.” – R.J.L.

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” – Elizabeth Foley

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