We are so blessed to live in a country that allows us our personal freedoms and protects us from any form of threat. On a daily basis, we may not take the time out of our day to really acknowledge what is necessary for us to be able to live as freely as we do… read more →

One of the most essential skills in life is our ability to listen, and to listen well. So often, when we should be listening, we are distracted by our own thoughts, our smartphones, or other background activities. Active listening skills have the power to significantly improve relationships with friends, family, coworkers and those we meet.. read more →

Libraries house all the stories of the past and present. They are the link between us and the joy of reading. They are a teleportation to new worlds, eras, and history; a calming entity that we can submerge ourselves in. No matter where they are located, beauty can be found for those seeking an escape… read more →

When we think about our childhood and the “good old days,” we generally reminisce about the simplicity of it all. There weren’t smart phones, laptops, or apps. People weren’t posting, tweeting, or tagging. It is wonderful to be able to recall memorable times in our past straight from our memory. Nostalgia is an amazing thing;.. read more →

The last step in constructive criticism, which I prefer to think of as constructive feedback, is moving forward. Though change is challenging, and sometimes frustrating, it can also be empowering. New or further information provides an opportunity to gain a new perspective and move on. We must choose how to best utilize constructive feedback: The.. read more →