When we think about our childhood and the “good old days,” we generally reminisce about the simplicity of it all. There weren’t smart phones, laptops, or apps. People weren’t posting, tweeting, or tagging. It is wonderful to be able to recall memorable times in our past straight from our memory. Nostalgia is an amazing thing;.. read more →

The last step in constructive criticism, which I prefer to think of as constructive feedback, is moving forward. Though change is challenging, and sometimes frustrating, it can also be empowering. New or further information provides an opportunity to gain a new perspective and move on. We must choose how to best utilize constructive feedback: The.. read more →

Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome. As mentioned in the previous blog post on constructive criticism, we can gain a great.. read more →

In my next blog series, we will discuss constructive criticism. Giving and receiving criticism in a positive way is one of life’s greatest challenges. Human nature motivates us to do our best to help others. And yet, nobody enjoys having a flaw pointed out. While constructive criticism offers guidance, pride often prevents the acceptance of.. read more →

They say it takes a village, but how do we select the people who are part of our village? And when we get older, how much of that village do we take away with us when we spread our wings? In this blog post, we will discuss these questions, among others, to figure out how.. read more →