With recent events, it is hard not to think, “What is this world coming to.” Every day seems to bring a new tragic event. Violence, bullying, and terrorism plague our daily news. With so much negativity it is easy to get trapped in a depressing spiral. My heart sincerely goes out to everyone. I genuinely.. read more →

In today’s technology age, it is essential to be on social media, whether it is a personal or professional account. From Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, to Pinterest, most of us have more than one of these social platforms. Each website serves a different purpose, which in turn, attracts a different type of user and.. read more →

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is certainly true. People are drawn to images and designs more so than words alone. This is why YouTube has become so popular for businesses to showcase their products and offerings online. Providing videos for content allows your audience to watch and listen, which.. read more →

Regardless if it is because we don’t want to be a burden or because we don’t want to look weak, asking for help is one of the most difficult things to do. Our culture has placed a high-level of importance on independence. We should be the do-it-all by ourselves kind of people. Sometimes, however, that.. read more →

Sometimes in life, we get too wrapped up in daily life and moving on to the next thing, that we forget to appreciate all the work and effort that is behind all of those tasks. A simple “thank you” is all that is required to improve the mood and production of those around us. Taking.. read more →