Sometimes in life, we get too wrapped up in daily life and moving on to the next thing, that we forget to appreciate all the work and effort that is behind all of those tasks. A simple “thank you” is all that is required to improve the mood and production of those around us. Taking.. read more →

Forgiveness, although it can be difficult, is necessary in life. It is challenging to reconcile with someone that has caused harm to your mental or physical well-being. We may not feel like this person deserves our forgiveness, but forgiveness is not just something to give to another. It is an action that brings something to.. read more →

When it comes to the books we read, each one of us has our own preferences. From science fiction to romance to nonfiction, we all crave something different when it comes to literature. With so many genres and subcategories, the possibilities are endless. What is it that drives us to select what we read next?.. read more →

It is never too late to become the person you were always meant to be. We all have the power to reinvent ourselves during any stage in life. We each have our own unique journey to travel with no specific rules or regulations on how we “should” live. Sometimes setbacks in life force us to.. read more →

We all have plans and goals in life. We map out that path and we know what will happen at each turn. However, life does not always go according to plan. There are always the unexpected twists and setbacks that we never saw coming. All we are left with after this occurs is the decision.. read more →