If you didn’t know, June is Audiobook Month! If you read my last blog post about why Audiobooks are a multi-taskers best friend, you’ll know that even though I prefer traditional books, Audiobooks certainly have their own advantages. If you’ve never used an audiobook, you may be wondering how exactly to get your hands on.. read more →

In my view, the absolute best way to enjoy a good book is in its traditional form. There is nothing quite like sitting down in a comfy chair, and turning the crisp pages of a book in print. The smell. The feel. It’s wonderful. I am never without book at my bedside. But, I simply.. read more →

Every author and reader desires characters in a novel to have their own voice, personality, and habits. From their little quirks to the way they carry themselves, fictional characters should bring something distinct to a book. The same way that these characters shine when reading, so should they when listening to audio books. The audio.. read more →