Many of the trends from the 1980’s have been revamped for 2015. From neon colors, to fashionable footwear (including Vans and Sperry Topsiders), to fanny packs, the 80’s are back. This decade has made its mark in history with its iconic looks. The mentality of 1980’s style was more is more.

Punk Metal

Heavy Metal & Punk

Heavy metal and punk fashion developed from the culture of the music people listened to. Heavy metal fashion is characterized by a mixture of biker, rocker, and leather subcultures. Metalheads, as this group was called, wore leather jackets, denim jackets, blue or black jeans, leather pants, and animal print. Bands such as Metallica, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard were major influencers of the heavy metal scene.

Punk, although stemming from heavy metal, was different. The punk subculture originated from England. People from this scene usually used their clothing to make a statement. Typically, punk clothing was handmade or altered in some way. Despite its growing popularity, people wanted punk to be anti-fashion. Some staples were combat boots, chains, studded belts, and flannel shirts. A major fashion statement of this culture was the mohawk hairstyle. That was a fashion statement in and of itself.

NewWave Workout

New Wave Fashion & Workout Gear

Two of the most iconic fashion trends from the 80s were New Wave and Workout Gear. Although dissimilar from one another, many people think of these two when they have to dress up for a 80s party.

New Wave fashion involved fingerless gloves, layers of necklaces, lace skirts, big hair (usually with multiple colors), neon spandex, and bangle bracelets. Two of the most memorable female New Wave fashion icons were Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.

Women were going through an aerobics craze, and fashion reflected this. Workout gear fashion developed as more and more people started using their fitness clothing as an everyday look. The must have items for this look are ripped sweatshirts, tights, leotards, leg warmers, wide belts, elastic headbands, and sneakers.

Business1 Business2

Power Dressing: Business Attire

Tailored business attire was a distinctive style in the 1980s. This trend was known as power dressing. Jackets and blazers typically had shoulder pads, which created a wider shoulder span. Knee length skirts and tops with unique necklines were also popular.

Having such a strong fashion trend represents the culture’s idea that women could be anything they wanted – including being a dominant force in the business world. It was a way for women to use fashion to express their authority and expertise without having to say a word.




Big Hair, Don’t Care Makeup

The 1980’s tried to prove that there is no such thing as too big of hair or too much makeup! This decade created some of the most memorable hair trends, for better or for worse, in style history. Rat tails, feathered bangs, unusual colors, shaved sections, asymmetrical hairstyles, side ponytails, and so much more were hair trends in the 80s. Women, as well as men, would experiment with their style and cut.

Makeup was colorful and bright. Blues, bright pinks, and yellows were used for eye shadow. A fad of colored mascara developed with electric blue being the most popular.

Another trendy item that fashionistas used in the 80s was press on nails. This trend has once again resurfaced in 2015, as many new patterns, colors, and easy to apply press on nails have been developed.

Accessories1 Accessories2Wild about Accessories

The 1980s were all about accessories. Headbands, leg warmers, bracelets, necklaces, beads, Member’s Only jackets, gloves – you name it. More is more! There could never be too many accessories. Not only was the amount of accessories important, but also the size – bigger was better! Huge, brightly colored, glossy, geometric enamel pieces were all the rage.

No matter the color of your shirt or dress, there was a pair of earrings to match. The difficult part came when you had to decide, should you wear your lavender rectangles or your lavender triangles with your lavender shirt.


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