In my view, the absolute best way to enjoy a good book is in its traditional form. There is nothing quite like sitting down in a comfy chair, and turning the crisp pages of a book in print. The smell. The feel. It’s wonderful. I am never without book at my bedside. But, I simply don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy all the stories and authors I want to read. That is when I press play on my smart phone and why this week’s blog post is about why Audiobooks are so great for those who want to multi-task while reading! So, join me in exploring how I take advantage of the audiobook format.

Doing Chores
The menagerie of daily life never ends. Getting dressed, cooking and cleaning are just a few of the chores that provide excellent opportunities to dive into an audiobook. Think about how much time you spend a week cleaning or straightening up and you’ll realize that taking advantage of this time to make progress on your “reading”, makes the time go more quickly and pleasantly. If you love to cook, you can get further into your book while chopping onions. Plus, you have something to blame for any tears you may have from the story. Audiobooks are a great solution in this instance, as you can get done what needs to be done, while enjoying a good story.

Whether you’re commuting to a job or an event, audiobooks make a great escape from traffic. Some people spend over 10 hours per week driving to work alone. Think about the progress that can be made in an audiobook by taking advantage of this time. Road trips are another excellent opportunity to start, and possibly, finish an audiobook. While music is king of the road, don’t forget to give audiobooks a chance behind the wheel!

While Exercising
One of my favorite times to listen to an audiobook is when I’m out for my morning walk. There is nothing quite like strolling the California coastline while listening to a good audiobook. Whatever your pace, bringing an audiobook on a walk or a jog is a great way to exercise both your body and your mind! Bring your audiobooks into the gym and your workout will fly by.

Benefits of Audio books for all ages
For many, the joy of reading, was ignited in our childhood by being read to by our parents and teachers. We enjoyed the visual experience and enjoyed stories we were not yet able to read.
Audio books bring a different experience to an avid reader—such as the ability to enjoy many more books. They are now an important part of our educational system. Students can enjoy books above their reading level, be introduced to new or difficult vocabulary, proper names and locations, hear unfamiliar dialects or accents, develop critical listening skills, be introduced to new genres, are given read-aloud models.
I love recapturing the delight of hearing stories vividly told by talented storytellers.

The point is, there are no longer any limits to how or when you can enjoy a good story. We can listen to audiobooks almost anywhere. Whether or not you are currently a fan of Audiobooks, don’t ignore the immense convenience they allow in everyday life. Have you listened to an audiobook? What is your favorite setting to listen? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Did you know that your first audiobook is free when you signup for Audible? See my entire audiobook collection!

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