If you didn’t know, June is Audiobook Month! If you read my last blog post about why Audiobooks are a multi-taskers best friend, you’ll know that even though I prefer traditional books, Audiobooks certainly have their own advantages. If you’ve never used an audiobook, you may be wondering how exactly to get your hands on one. I’m here to help! This week, I’m going to be giving you a quick rundown of five places to get started with Audiobooks.



Audible is an amazon company that is probably the industry standard for audiobooks. With an extensive library of audiobooks back by the support of Amazon, audible is an excellent choice for those who want to get into audiobooks. Audible works on a subscription basis through their Audible app. The monthly fee provides you with a monthly credit to exchange for a new audiobook as well as a 30% off any purchases. Once you get a book, it’s yours forever and if for some reason you don’t like a purchase, you can simply return it. Audible offers the first month free which includes a free audiobook of your choosing. My entire Webs Series is available on Audible!



Downpour is similar to Audible in that you can have a monthly subscription which provides you with a new credit each month to use towards the purchase of a book. Additionally, membership grants you serious discounts to save on future purchases. The app also allows you to purchase directly through it, which is very convenient. This service allows you to cancel at any time. This is an incredibly price friendly option!




OverDrive works like an extension of your local library. All you need is your library card and you’ll be able to access eBooks, audiobooks and more. The selection is limited to what is available at your library as well as the demand for a particular title. There is an app, however, you can also store files directly to your devices. Once you’re done with a title, it gets checked back into the library so that others can use it. A great way to make use of audiobooks and support your local libraries!




Scribd is a fusion of the purchase and library model. The low monthly fee grants you access to an extensive list of available titles that you can listen to as you please. That’s right—once you subscribe the entire collection becomes available to you. Scribd has more than just audiobooks, however, and your membership also grants you their collection of books as well. Scribd also has it’s own app available for iOS and Android.


Free Classic AudioBooks


For those who love old books—as well as things that are free—this site offers a great selection of classic titles like Huckleberry Finn and even the King James Bible. The site is relatively barebones, but the access it provides to some of the greatest works of the last few centuries earned it a spot on this list. So whether you’re looking to take a little trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland or read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Free Classic Audiobooks is for you.



As you can see, there is no shortage of excellent options to make Audiobooks a part of your reading experience. Do you use any of the services I listed—or perhaps one I missed? Tell me about it in the comments!

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