If you’ve turned on the TV or been on social media lately, you’ve likely been inundated with copious amounts of bad news. It pierces us from all angles, the TV, the radio, the newspapers. If one isn’t paying attention, they might think the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket. But I’m here to spread a bit of positivity and PROVE there are great, kind and wonderful things happening throughout the world we all share. Sure, there are problems, but let’s take a little time to focus on the positives!

Indian Man Plants Forrest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island


Since 1979, this man has planted hundreds of trees on an Indian island that have experienced intense erosion. National Geographic followed him on his quest. After many years, he’s planted a forest larger than Central Park! This just goes to show even when faced with massive threats, the solution can come from the hands of just one person who cares.

Community anonymously feeds the hungry with Little Free Pantry


This one, I saw shared by my good friend and best-selling author Dete Meserve’s site! When this small town Woman realized how many local families depended on the local food pantry, she couldn’t get it off her mind. Her intense desire to help stayed with her until she finally had a brilliant idea: a little free pantry! The idea—similar to the little free library—is popping up all over the U.S. and is helping to feed families in need. As small ideas find their way into the minds of great people, they have a profound and lasting impact!

Water becomes America’s favorite drink again


After a couple decades of soda being America’s favorite beverage, good ol’ fashioned water has finally retaken the throne as America’s beloved thirst quencher. This excellent news is sure to have a profound and lasting impacts for generations.

Doctor conceives naturally twice after seven failed rounds of IVF and two miscarriages


A personal story that may bring hope to many couples struggling to become parents, the everlasting hope that drives us towards our goals is sometimes tried. This is a story of why it’s so important to never give up. I’ve personally heard stories similar to this and the families are always ecstatic to hear they’ll finally get to meet their miracle babies.

Snail mail smiles making recent High School graduate’s day


The smallest act of kindness can have lasting impacts on the lives of those they touch. In this case, a recent high school graduate with special needs opted for a snail mail party as he loves to receive mail. He and his parents were overwhelmed by the response they received, with over 100 cards being sent to his home. You may have heard stories like this before, where kids, adults and senior citizens are flooded with kind messages, gifts or help from strangers across the country and around the world.

Goodness is all around us. We just must take the time to see it. We cannot allow the constant barrage of negative news stop us from appreciating how kind, generous, caring, and thoughtful your fellow humans can be.

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