Book readers are the heroes of the literary world. Their love of reading keeps authors writing and countless parts of the industry afloat. But, there is one individual who runs a close second to the reader. What is that, you may ask? Reviewers, of course.

Readers who take the time to review the books they love are doing a public service. Reviews are massively helpful to the authors they love. It helps authors gain the attention of the reading community and encourages the growth of an author’s fan base. Authors put so much blood, sweat and tears into their work—a reader who takes the time to leave a review often makes the writer’s day and makes it all worth it. It may seem like a trivial step, but trust me, as an author, seeing a new review of my work is one of the greatest joys a reader can extend. While I strongly encourage you to make a point to leave a review of the books you enjoy for the sake of the author, there is another community you’re helping as well.

That’s right, by leaving reviews you’re helping the entire reading community. Modern technology has greatly expanded the reading opportunities out there, allowing more authors to write more books and giving readers more to choose from. So, with all the selection, how are readers to choose what to pick up next? In many cases, the answer is reviews. Reviews are an incredibly powerful medium for sharing your thoughts on the books you read. While authors love them, the real benefactor are your fellow readers. Nowadays, when most readers are looking for a new book to read, they head on over to the review section to read what other readers liked about the book. If they find the reviews enticing, they are more likely to pick up a copy for themselves.

If you’re someone who finds the thought of writing a review intimidating, don’t worry. Even a sentence or two is enough. By expressing your thoughts, you help fellow readers. I am far more interested in how readers feel about a book—what they particularly enjoyed or what was off-putting. Reviews of story content available in the book summary. What is important is how the book affected you as the reader. With time, you may find your reviews getting longer, and that’s okay. Just remember: no one is expecting a novel. In some cases, like with an Audiobook, a simple rating scale is available. This makes it easier to review with a 1 to 5 scale.

There are many places to review books including Goodreads and Amazon which are very popular. Leaving a review at both is ideal! Soon you’ll find yourself getting notifications that others found your reviews helpful, which assures you that your time and effort was worth it. Just think: countless people could find their new favorite book because you took five minutes to leave your thoughts on it!

Also, don’t forget about Social Media! Most authors have Facebook pages where you can leave reviews or post your thoughts. This is a great place to share your thoughts. It gives pother readers a chance chime in as well–a great way to be social. Of course, Twitter and other social channels are also great places to recommend books.

A direct advantage to reviewers is the feedback given by the on-line book seller, suggesting similar books to those you liked or loved. In that way, you are not only helping others but yourself as well.

If you have yet to leave a review for a book you loved, start today! The authors—and your fellow readers—will thank you.

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