Talking Fiction is a Facebook group I started years ago for anyone and everyone who loves fiction. Whether you’re a reader, writer, dabbler or dreamer––all are welcome. It’s an interactive group where writers of all experience levels engage with one another, learning all there is to know about the world of Fiction writing. No matter what your background is in fiction writing, there are countless reasons to join this active and growing community of writers! Here are just a few of them:

All Experience Levels Are Welcome

Talking Fiction isn’t an echo chamber and the group’s strength lies in the ability of anyone, no matter their experience level, to engage in conversation and thoughtful discussion about the art of fiction writing. The group is home to an array of people, from readers to writing beginners to published veterans––and that’s what makes it so great! The richness of experience levels, backgrounds, perspectives and ideas allows everyone to learn from one another. Sometimes new writers ask questions that can have a powerful impact on writing veterans, and of course those same veterans can share their insight and experiences to help budding writers push their career’s forward.

You’ll Learn Something New

Participation in Talking Fiction is strongly encouraged and for good reason. Many are surprised how a seemingly obvious question can lead to a deep conversation that everyone spectating can learn from. As I stated, even veterans learn new things regularly, whether it’s new books to read, plot ideas, or simply how to look at something from a different perspective. The heart of Talking Fiction is in the value it provides from an educational standpoint.

We Like To Have Fun

Writers and readers love a good joke, and Talking Fiction is a great place to get in a bit of laughter between writing. You’ll regularly find posts with writing humor, book humor and more––with lots of fun and witty comments to boot! It’s a fantastic place to share your writing humor, witticisms and ideas with a fun and engaged community with the same passion as yourself.

You’ll Be Inspired

It’s hard to not be inspired to be the best writer you can be when you’re surrounded by other motivated, engaged and tenacious writers. Every day you’ll get to immerse yourself in a fantastic community that strongly supports one another when they are stuck, have a question or are releasing their latest work. Twice a week, you’ll get to see others promote their work, learning and being inspired by new and exciting books or stories to enjoy. It’s that inspiration that keeps Talking Fiction growing year after year with new faces that come to see it as a critical part of their writing life.

“The best stories are not just about living out your fantasies; they are inspiration for living up to your dreams.”

If you’re looking to become more engaged with the writing community, to grow as a writer, or to simply be inspired by countless others, then Talking Fiction is the place for you. Joining is simple and easy, and of course, you’ll quickly see just how amazing Talking Fiction is!

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