So you’ve written–or are writing–a book and want to begin promoting it to readers around the world. Good news–it’s now easier than ever for an author to get their name out there without the backing of a huge book deal. For those who are going it alone, there are four excellent ways to get your book noticed by taking advantage of modern avenues and even some traditional methods of advertising, marketing and promotions. If you want to promote yourself, here are four great ways to do it.

Create a Website

If you’re just starting to promote yourself, a website is a critical component of your strategy. A website creates a central hub for anyone who has heard about you or your work to find you and learn more about you. Additionally, it’s a great way to communicate more about you and your brand in a controlled way. You can highlight the unique aspects of you and your personal brand, sell your book, post blogs and more. You’ll want to use your author name and make sure you feature your book prominently.

A website is where you’ll want to drive traffic to throughout your marketing efforts and also provides an opportunity to track that traffic which provides valuable insight into how your different marketing efforts are working.

Be active on Social Media

I cannot stress this enough: Social Media is an author’s dream come true. Never has there ever been greater access to as many people as is provided by networks like Facebook and Twitter. Having an active profile is imperative for maintaining a presence and keeping your brand in front of potential readers. Be active on as many channels as you can handle and be sure to learn the unique culture and etiquette of each network. What do I mean by that? For instance, you wouldn’t post nearly as often on Facebook as you could on Twitter or you’d seem spammy. This is valuable to keep in mind.

Don’t forget to share useful, valuable content that encourages others to follow you, use relevant hashtags and be part of the conversation!

Create a Book Trailer

In today’s world, video is king. In the world of book marketing, book trailers are king. A book trailer is a simple, yet effective way to pull potential readers into your story before they’ve purchased the book. People love video and readers are no exception. These videos are relatively easy to create but can have a profound impact on your overall marketing plan.

Be sure your book trailer includes a call to action and encourages viewers to purchase or pre-order your book. It’s a good idea to create two seperate trailers with different endings, one for advertising before the book comes out and one for after. The difference is as simple as the call to action at the end.

Be sure to feature the video on your website and share it with your following on social media as well.

Conferences and Speaking

Attending writing or book conferences is an excellent way to network within the writing community and collaborate with like minded authors. It’s also a great way to get in front of readers with one-on-one interactions that can potentially lead to opportunities down the road and more people familiar with you and your work.

Over time, you may find opportunities to speak at these sorts of functions which I highly recommend. If you’ve got a bit of stagefright, don’t worry, everyone does. Over time you’ll build your speaking confidence and find it a valuable avenue for growing your influence and marketing your work!

There are countless ways to market yourself and your book, but these are a few of the most important considerations–especially if you’re just getting started! Any other ideas you want to share with fellow authors? Let me know in the comments!

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