Feeling motivated is one of the best sensations we can experience. It energizes our mind, body and soul to push forward and accomplish what needs to be done. Unfortunately, staying motivated can be a difficult task. Sometimes we look at our to-do list and sigh, trudging along with little spirit and barely making a dent in our work. The challenge is figuring out how to stay motivated and push forward so we can get done what needs to be done—and enjoy the fruits of our labor afterwards.

Set Goals

Setting goals is an important step in the quest to stay motivated. It provides us with roadmap to work from, and helps us visualize the end result, which in and of itself can be a powerful motivator. Goals can be distilled down to their essence or expanded into individual tasks. Either way, visualizing a clear path to success is aided by the act of goal setting, and can help motivate you as you check of big, important tasks that build upon the last, watching that list get smaller.

Get Organized

Everyone’s idea of organization is different, to some it’s a perfectly manicured desk with everything in its place and to others, it’s controlled chaos. Whatever our preferred method of organization is, organization is key. From organizing our action steps for the day, our workspace, our eating and sleeping schedule, organization can help us get into a routine and develop a habit which allows us to stay motivated. This allows us to spend less time worrying about other things we have or want to do, because we have an organized schedule to accomplish our tasks—making room for time to reflect and reenergize.

Cultivate Positivity

This is a critical component to staying motivated because motivation requires a positive mindset. Organization and goalsetting can help us remain positive as we push forward, but there are quite a lot of other ways to strengthen this pursuit. Who we engage with is important here, as negative individuals can drain our positivity and, by extension, our motivation. Spending time with positive individuals, those who always look on the bright side, or always encourage us through their words or actions, can have an immense impact on our motivation. Joining groups with fellow, positive-minded people, or reading books that encourage positive behavior are both excellent ways to breed positivity and motivation.

Stay Sharp

The truth is, no matter how much one does to stay motivated, we’re bound to get burnt out and want to quit entirely if we push ourselves beyond our limit. Even the most expertly crafted sword must be honed and sharpened if it’s to remain useful. Our minds, bodies and souls are no different. Pushing forward when we’re feeling dull can actually be counterproductive and lead to bad work that we either have to throw away or fix in the future. Sometimes, we’re better off stopping and taking a moment to reenergize.

There is no foolproof method to staying motivated, but we can work towards this objective through setting goals, getting organized, cultivating positivity and staying sharp! Do you find it easy or hard to stay motivated? Share your tips or comments below!

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