As many of you know, we recently wrapped up filming on my latest book trailer for my upcoming release “Webs of Perception” out November 13th Needless to say, it was an incredible experience and for the first time, I got to see part of it in the making.

On set, I was delighted to meet Kira, who originally played the role of the twins in the “Unpredictable Webs” book trailer. Although the Tailor twins are blondes, and Kira recently changed her hair color to brunette for another role, my producer, Michael Stephen Gregory and I thought blonde or not, Kira would be perfect to replay both identical twins. Her personality trumped her hair color and Kira is a true professional and a delight to talk to.

As we were originally going to film a scene with one of the twins following the rogue wave on the Queen Mary—which is moored in front of our condo—Michael decided it would be a bit too noisy.
My friend, Joe Prevratil, who lives in our condo building had had been getting approval for the filming. Joe, who ran the Queen Mary operation in the past and agreed that the noise level would be an issue we simply couldn’t control. It was a fun idea, but since the ship the twins took on their semester-at-sea was hit mid-Atlantic, the ship would not be identified. Thankfully, Michael found a creative alternative for the ship deck: our balcony.

When working on a set, we come to see how in-depth different art forms can be and can a new respect and perspective on how each of us is uniquely incredible at our own things.

For me, doing a new book trailer is a no brainer. It provides a quickly digestible look at a book that can be a critical factor in whether or not a potential reader gives it a second look. In a world where there are thousands of authors, books and media formats, it can help cut through the noise and garner real interest in an author’s work.
The rise of social media and web promotion has created valuable opportunities for authors to get in front—and stay in front—of their readers. Over time, video content has become a gold standard for personal brands—whether for business or authors—to share their message with the world.

Like a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth much more. I’m extremely proud of my work and it’s still surreal to see a team coming together to put it in a visual format to attract readers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming book trailer which will premiere on my Facebook page soon. If you’re considering using one for your next book release, I highly recommend it. Watching Michael and his Random Cove Crew was a real treat. Have any questions on how to go about creating your trailer? Ask me in the comments below!

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