Last September you may remember a blog post I published entitled “4 Reasons to Join Talking Fiction”, which laid of some great reasons to join this fast-growing Facebook group for Fiction writers and readers. It was a popular post that led to the further growth of our thriving community. Since then, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in authors and writers joining and, while we love writers, we also know that our group is strengthened by the presence of readers as well: This is Talking Fiction, after all! So here are THREE very good reasons for Fiction readers to join Talking Fiction.

Discuss Books You Love With Passionate Fans

Ever read a book that you can’t seem to find fellow fans of? It’s very common—especially with the growth of indie and self publishing. Talking Fiction is full of readers and writers with a unique and expansive knowledge of an array of fiction works. Finding fellow fans of your favorite little known book is as simple as making a discussion post and asking if anyone else is a fan. You may be surprised at the response and be excited at the opportunity to talk about your favorites with other fans in a fun and positive environment.

Don’t worry if you aren’t into obscure titles, with nearly 6,000 members, Talking Fiction is home to many who love to discuss big titles as well!

Make Friends

Not everyone on your friend’s list is going to be going to see your favorite author at their next book signing at the tiny book store in your city, but there’s a good chance someone in Talking Fiction is! Finding friends is what Facebook was all about, and groups like Talking Fiction make it easy! Whether they’re digital friends, or ones you meet in real life, you can be certain they have the same passion and knowledge of books as you do! It certainly wouldn’t be the first––or the last––time a friendship blossomed from Talking Fiction.

Find new Books

Let’s face it, there are a seemingly endless number of books out there––with new ones out every single day! Yes, you can rely on the Goodreads and Amazons of the world to find new stuff, but why not go straight to the source of authors and bookworms with a far more responsive and active community? Each day there are new discussions about the latest and greatest books from many different fiction genres for you to engage with and learn from.
And let’s be honest, new recommended books are like candy to bookworms! If you simply love to hear about the best new or old releases, Talking Fiction is a great place to find them.

After starting Talking Fiction nearly 10 years ago, I never expected it to grow so large and active! It’s because of our great community that we continue to grow and be a valuable community for all kinds of readers and writers! And don’t worry about promotional spam––promotional posts are relegated to Mondays and Thursdays!

I am very excited to watch us exceed 6,000 members and set our sights on 10,000! I invite you, your friends and family to help us make that happen! Join today!

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