Every day it seems we’re inundated with news meant to cause fear, panic and anguish. Of course, the world is full of “bad news”, but sometimes with our 24-hour news cycle it can seem like that’s all there is. That’s why, every once in a while, I like to use my blog to highlight some of the good in the world that we might miss if we aren’t paying attention. Now I must give credit to Dete Meserve for getting the ball rolling on the spread of daily good deeds and confirming my belief that there is more GOOD than BAD in the world we live in. Not only through her novel, “Good Sam” and the release of an equally inspirational film on Netflix last week. But also through her daily posts of good deeds and non-fiction book “Random Acts of Kindness”. This is the good news that tends to get buried under all of the negativity and seeing it, I believe, can do quite a lot towards making the world a better place.

A Minnesota woman donated her kidney to a firefighter who rushed to help her daughter after a seizure

This story shows that kindness and duty can have far greater effects than we may realize. A Minnesota woman gave her kidney to the man who two years prior rushed to help her daughter after she had a seizure. They happened to run into each other and upon realizing she had the same blood type, she offered up a part of her body to end his suffering.

New ‘Sesame Street’ Muppet is a foster kid with ‘for-now’ parents

The beloved children’s show Sesame Street made another inroad in their quest to be inclusive towards children from all backgrounds by adding its latest muppet Karli, along with her “for-now” parents Dalia and Clem.
“Children in foster care often experience many transitions — from their separation from birth parents, to their placement in foster care, to many moves — and the new resources are designed to help children in crisis cope along the way,” Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind the show, said in a statement.

‘Like Christmas every day’: A billionaire’s pledge to erase this class’s college debts could echo for decades

A tech billionaire and investor pledged to pay off the student loans of 396 graduates, asking them only to “pay it forward” when they could in the future. Surely what will amount to a $40 million dollar gift by some estimates will have a profound impact on their futures.

Chef Jose Andres Offers Job To Bonnie Kimball, School Lunch Lady Fired For Feeding Hungry Child With No Money

Sometimes a sad story turns into a happy one! After a school lunch lady was fired for giving lunch to a hungry student that had no money, famed chef Jose Andres offered her a job. It’s hard to imagine letting a child go hungry, and many claim that the lunch lady did the right thing helping him fill his belly!

These are just a sampling of some of the good news you can find if you take the time to look. The truth is, it exists all around us and our world is far more positive than we might believe if we’re only paying attention to bad news. Have you heard a positive story lately that I didn’t share here? Share it with me in the comments!

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