The flowers are flowing with flashy pops of color, the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing––it must be Spring! At least that’s my experience here in California. But no matter where you are, Spring is a sign of renewal, growth, and prosperity! It’s also a time of many holidays for which gifts are exchanged. And one of the best gifts one can give is a book!

Book lovers know how great a new book can make you feel. Knowing that with each passing page there’s another part of the story to unfold. In the end, books are wonderful gifts, as they can be more personal and can last far longer than typical gifts for Spring holidays. So, this year, when we’re thinking about a good gift for someone special, consider a book.


Nothing says Spring in the US quite like Easter! It’s a time of year for enjoying family and close friends, whimsical colors, delicious meals, and baskets flowing with goodies. When filling Easter baskets for young ones with colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies, include an age-appropriate book! And don’t forget your other loved ones. Surprise them with a good book, which you’ve chosen just for them.

Mother’s Day

“What are we getting Mom for Mother’s Day?” is a question asked countless times! Breakfast in bed, flowers, a hand painted picture from the kids? All great options! Throw a good book in the mix from mom’s favorite author or from an author you enjoy, and it goes from a great Mother’s Day to the BEST Mother’s Day!

Graduation Day

Ahh, Graduation Day! A time of the year when perhaps millions of students are all ascending at the same time, and when graduation means parties and memorable gifts! Of course, the classic check or cash to kickstart their new life is always appreciated, but a book is a great addition that can make the gift-giving far more personal! Whether it’s a book that can help them on their path to adulthood or an author they’re bound to love, a book makes a great gift!

Father’s Day

Fathers deserve some love, too! That’s right: many dads love to read. A recipe for a great Father’s Day might include steaks, beer, a round of golf, and, you guessed it: a day to consider the power of a good book. Dad will love it—especially if his wardrobe is already drowning in ties from Father’s Days of yesteryear!

Spring is a time of year to renew and to refresh! It’s a time to reflect on the beautiful people in our lives and the wonderful life we now enjoy! If you’re trying to come up with a good gift for your loved ones, a book is a great choice! So, get out there and find some books for the coming holidays this Spring!

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