My friend and fellow award-winning author, Dete Meserve, recently made a post which resonated with me. The gist of it was that our perception is in many ways enforced by what is around us, the example she used was on Facebook. “Everywhere I turn, people are talking about “toxic” social media, that they need cleansing.. read more →

We live in a time dominated by technological advancements, from travel, to communication, to entertainment and much more. Technology moves so quickly that many people find it hard to keep up! While society continues to evolve with these advancements, some have expressed their dismay with how these technological changes are impacting society. I hear it.. read more →

There’s a fantastic video that went viral this week that I simply loved! I loved it so much in fact that I decided to write this week’s blog post around it. Social media has lit up around this viral video of Ellen reacting to some negative flack she got for being friendly with President Bush.. read more →

Lately everyone around me is talking about how quickly this year seems to be speeding by. I must admit, it certainly feels that way to me as well. But just because time seems to be zooming by doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze in all the things we’d like to accomplish in the limited time we.. read more →

It might be hard to believe, but YouTube is nearly 15 years old! That’s right––15 years! In that relatively short amount of time, it has had a massive impact on culture as a whole. It is a place where anyone can create and post a video to share their thoughts, ideas and products to the.. read more →