My mind has been on a wonderful quote that my friend, Dete Meserve posted recently. In simple terms, it promotes the importance of perception, how it is imperative for finding joy in life. Perception is a funny thing and simple changes in how we perceive things can have a serious impact on not only just.. read more →

While your little ones are searching for Easter eggs this weekend, I’ve got a different kind of Easter egg for book lovers. That’s right, we’re going to explore some of the best Easter eggs in books! For those who don’t know, an Easter egg is a hidden element that holds some significance to the author,.. read more →

The flowers are flowing with flashy pops of color, the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing––it must be Spring! At least that’s my experience here in California. But no matter where you are, Spring is a sign of renewal, growth, and prosperity! It’s also a time of many holidays for which gifts are.. read more →

Don’t sit and stew–get up and do. The other day I saw something that got me thinking about…well, thinking. Overthinking I should say. One might ask: Why think about overthinking? Well, our mind is a powerful tool. It is capable of unimaginable brilliance and can propel us to do great things. The problem comes when.. read more →

Earlier this week I heard an advertisement from Audible that struck a chord with me. It was part of their “Listen For A Change” campaign which essentially promotes the idea that listening to stories helps up learn to relate to people with different backgrounds, perspectives and nationalities. This is something I touched on in my.. read more →