Fall or Autumn, no matter what you call this time of year I think we can all agree it’s a fantastic season for countless reasons. Our ancestors made it a time to reflect on the past year, enjoy the feast of our labor and to think about all of our many blessings. There are many.. read more →

Fans have eagerly awaited the release of the final novel to of the Webs series for over 3 years! The wait is over. On November 13th, the Taylor family’s greatest challenges in love and loyalty will be revealed. For those in the Long Beach Area, Barnes & Noble at the Marina Pacifica Mall in Long.. read more →

As many of you know, we recently wrapped up filming on my latest book trailer for my upcoming release “Webs of Perception” out November 13th Needless to say, it was an incredible experience and for the first time, I got to see part of it in the making. On set, I was delighted to meet.. read more →

Talking Fiction is a Facebook group I started years ago for anyone and everyone who loves fiction. Whether you’re a reader, writer, dabbler or dreamer––all are welcome. It’s an interactive group where writers of all experience levels engage with one another, learning all there is to know about the world of Fiction writing. No matter.. read more →

Feeling motivated is one of the best sensations we can experience. It energizes our mind, body and soul to push forward and accomplish what needs to be done. Unfortunately, staying motivated can be a difficult task. Sometimes we look at our to-do list and sigh, trudging along with little spirit and barely making a dent.. read more →