Don’t sit and stew–get up and do. The other day I saw something that got me thinking about…well, thinking. Overthinking I should say. One might ask: Why think about overthinking? Well, our mind is a powerful tool. It is capable of unimaginable brilliance and can propel us to do great things. The problem comes when.. read more →

Earlier this week I heard an advertisement from Audible that struck a chord with me. It was part of their “Listen For A Change” campaign which essentially promotes the idea that listening to stories helps up learn to relate to people with different backgrounds, perspectives and nationalities. This is something I touched on in my.. read more →

When we think about Valentine’s Day, our minds drift to heart shaped balloons, red roses, chocolates, and perhaps oversized teddy bears that say “I love you” when squeezed. It’s a time of love for those young and old, to focus on romance and fiery passion. The truth is, Valentine’s Day has far more to its.. read more →

Since launching my writing career, I am blessed with the privilege of getting to meet so many writers from all walks of life, all with a story to tell. As I have an upcoming workshop coming up at the Southern California Writers Conference, I began to ponder how many faces––young and old¬¬––I get to see.. read more →

Since the release of my latest book, Webs of Perception, critics and readers alike have roundly praised it as an extraordinary and suspenseful finale. As an author, one can only be incredibly grateful for this sort of positive feedback. The joy I get from knowing that I’ve been able to bring happiness and entertain others.. read more →