Talking Fiction is a Facebook group I started years ago for anyone and everyone who loves fiction. Whether you’re a reader, writer, dabbler or dreamer––all are welcome. It’s an interactive group where writers of all experience levels engage with one another, learning all there is to know about the world of Fiction writing. No matter.. read more →

Feeling motivated is one of the best sensations we can experience. It energizes our mind, body and soul to push forward and accomplish what needs to be done. Unfortunately, staying motivated can be a difficult task. Sometimes we look at our to-do list and sigh, trudging along with little spirit and barely making a dent.. read more →

Our dreams—whether large or small—are a personal reflection of our deepest desires. They’re the wondrous goals which can guide our decisions and impact how we see and interact with the world around us. Reaching our dreams, however, is no easy task. Sometimes they require sacrifice, uncomfortable change, a new paradigm, or plain old hard work—and.. read more →

Happiness isn’t as simple as it may seem! These four experts will expand your understanding of this powerful, yet complicated, emotion! Why Are We Happy by Dan Gilbert Originally recorded in 2004, this TED talk has over 15,870,305 views––and for good reason! In it Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist and the author of “Stumbling on.. read more →

As I began what was to become Webs of Perception, I had no idea it would be the concluding novel in the Web Series. . It is difficult to let go, however, my characters informed me the time had come. read more →