I recently came across a rather interesting fact about Iceland that I thought was well worth sharing with my readers. This winter wonderland has a spectacular Christmas Eve tradition of gifting books to friends and family. As I dug deeper, it became clear as to why this icy landmass has such a fond relationship with.. read more →

Christmas is a truly magical time of year for children and adults alike. The food, family, and festivities are glistening with twinkling lights, soothing sounds and the warmth of a warm cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows, please!) Create a more magical experience this year by ensuring your little ones have access to some of the.. read more →

Ah, the holiday season. The time of year where life seems to slow down a bit, then speeds up all at once. It is a time when we make new memories, and fondly recall those we made in the past. This special time of year is my favorite. To me, family is one of the.. read more →

  FOMO— Lit.*— Meme**: If you take a poll of words young folks don’t expect their elders to know, surely a few of these would come up. And that’s fine, because when you think back to when we were kids, we had our own lingo. Language evolves. Generations evolve. But one thing is constant–the importance.. read more →

I recently stumbled upon a TED talk that really got me thinking about the relationship between success and happiness. Some perceive the two to be mutually exclusive, and some believe one cannot exist without the other. The truth is, they are neither. The video I watched was by a gentleman named Shawn Anchor entitled “The.. read more →