FOMO— Lit.*— Meme**: If you take a poll of words young folks don’t expect their elders to know, surely a few of these would come up. And that’s fine, because when you think back to when we were kids, we had our own lingo. Language evolves. Generations evolve. But one thing is constant–the importance.. read more →

I recently stumbled upon a TED talk that really got me thinking about the relationship between success and happiness. Some perceive the two to be mutually exclusive, and some believe one cannot exist without the other. The truth is, they are neither. The video I watched was by a gentleman named Shawn Anchor entitled “The.. read more →

Procrastination is defined as the action of delaying of postponing something. We’ve all been guilty of procrastination at some point in our lives. However, procrastination is seldom our friend. A great deal of stress can be avoided when we prioritize—avoid putting off important and time- consuming tasks. Doing so results in our scrambling around to.. read more →

Remember that Seinfeld episode where the gang is trying to coordinate seeing a movie together, but their lack of connectivity causes them to lose track of one another? That predicament is nearly impossible today thanks to a ubiquitous reliance on cell phones that connect us and allow us near instant access to information about our.. read more →

They say that one of the most important inventions of man was fire. Not so much because it kept us warm and helped us cook our food, but rather because it extended our leisure time together. Fire allowed us to huddle around a safe, warm centerpiece. It became a place to discuss the day, plan.. read more →