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From cocky cougars to perceptive private eyes, Unpredictable Webs is filled with enough vivid characters and plot twists to keep any lover of the genre happily turning the pages into the wee hours of the night. You won’t want to miss this juicy journey of intrigue, drama and suspense!.

C.E. Lawrence,
Award-winning author of the “Silent” thrillers, starring NYPD profiler Lee Campbell

“Webs of Fate grabbed my interest from the first line of the prologue and wouldn’t let me go.”

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg,
New York Times bestselling author of ‘My Lost Daughter’

“On first opening the pages of Darlene Quinn’s Webs series, readers may well feel that they are in for an engaging ‘all about’ novel—in Quinn’s case all about the glamorous, dangerous, byzantine, and ultimately exciting world of fashion and high-end retail—and those readers would be right. But wait! There’s more! Quinn develops her storylines and plot in a way that keeps the world engaging and the books charging forward. And don’t get complacent—nothing is what it seems and no character is without great secrets that will twist events and surprise the reader in breathtaking ways. There’s a great deal of fun and entertainment to be had in falling into these beguiling webs.”

Frank Gaspar, author of ‘Stealing Fatima’
Endowed Chair/Distinguished Professor and Writer in Residence, University of Massachusetts

“With obvious “insider’s” knowledge, Darlene Quinn has created a web of intrigue that draws the reader into the best and worst of the retailer’s world. I found myself rooting for her smart women, and wishing I could boo the villains. The book came with me on a trip, and once I began reading, I made sure it was always within easy reach. Best of all, I can say proudly, Darlene was once one of my students.”

Maralys Wills, author of ‘Higher than Eagles’ & ‘Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead’

“Darlene Quinn expertly captures the drama, greed, and emotional tumult of personal lives gone awry during the hostile takeover attempt of a high-end retail chain in Webs of Power.”

Laura Taylor, award-winning author of ‘Honorbound’