Writers are masters of language, and yet, that doesn’t begin to describe their true power. As a writer, I always enjoy hearing the words of wisdom from the greats—past and present. Not only does it inspire me to write, but it also fills me with a sense of joy and ease. Knowing these greats felt.. read more →

Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. While this is a skill that sets humans apart from much of the rest of the animal kingdom, it doesn’t come as naturally to some as it does others. Yes—collaboration, in many ways, is an art form. That is why.. read more →

Not all the trends of the 1980’s were as wild and dramatic as some may think. The stylized looks that many think of were not the only trends. The 1980’s also had an elegant, high-end flare. Models began to be household names as fashion became a major part of people’s daily lives. Designer clothing was.. read more →

Whether biologically related or created through close friends, family is an essential part of everyone’s lives. Having a support system there for you at any moment is crucial for a healthy, happy life. In my new book, Conflicting Webs, as well as throughout my Web Series, family plays a vital role. There are many different.. read more →

In order to effectively achieve our goals, we must master exceptional time management skills. With increasingly demanding careers, untimely setbacks, and daily stress, being able to plan and control how we spend our time is essential. In my new book, Conflicting Webs, April must balance many areas in her life, while unexpected challenges arise. Unpredictable.. read more →

The early launch of Conflicting Webs, again hosted by the Barnes and Noble in the Marina Pacifica Mall,  was such a wonderful event that my feet have not yet touched the ground. I received word that Conflicted Webs was the winner of the Beverly Hills International Book Awards for General Fiction just in time to announce on Sunday and put the.. read more →

For the eleventh installment in my ‘Why People Do What They Do” series, we will be taking a look into “Enabling.” Discussing enabling is important because an enabling father is a strong theme in my new book, Conflicting Webs. Enabling vs. Empowering In the last installment of “Why People Do What They Do,” we discussed.. read more →

As many of you know, the next addition in my Web Series of novels, Conflicting Webs, will be released on April 7. Today I’m excited to announce the official release of my Conflicting Webs book trailer! Pre-Order Your Copy of Conflicting Webs Today! The Toddman-Taylor saga continues in a new direction, exploring love and loss,.. read more →

As early as 1800, companies began mass-producing Valentine’s Day cards. It is estimated that 150 million cards are exchanged on this day every year, ranking Valentine’s Day as second among occasion where most greeting cards are given. Valentine’s Day, though, isn’t just about the cards, gifts, chocolate, and flowers. It is a day to show.. read more →

Every author and reader desires characters in a novel to have their own voice, personality, and habits. From their little quirks to the way they carry themselves, fictional characters should bring something distinct to a book. The same way that these characters shine when reading, so should they when listening to audio books. The audio.. read more →