As an author, I’ve found some wonderful tools and resources to improve my writing and provide a better reading experience for my readers. Since these resources are great, not only for writers but for anyone who puts pen to paper–or fingers to keyboard, here are some of the free tools I recommend to help your.. read more →

As we write the last word of our story, we might think we are done. After all, we’ve spent countless hours researching, writing, and sweating over our prose to bring readers into the worlds we’ve created. The truth is—we’re far from it. We don’t want our first drafts to be presented to our readers. We.. read more →

So, what exactly is editing? The view on this particular process varies depending on the type of manuscript and who you talk to, but the overall concept remains in place. Nonetheless, the biggest misconception surrounding the editing process is that a copy edit is merely proofreading. This is not to discount proofreading as part of the overall editorial process, as it is in fact essential, but it is also the last phase of editing. read more →