Reading and writing are essential skills. In today’s world information is more and more likely to be shared digitally through the written word. For some children, the love of reading and writing comes naturally, but others may take some guidance towards love–and mastery–of the crafts. If you’re looking to get a young person of any.. read more →

Christmas is a truly magical time of year for children and adults alike. The food, family, and festivities are glistening with twinkling lights, soothing sounds and the warmth of a warm cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows, please!) Create a more magical experience this year by ensuring your little ones have access to some of the.. read more →

Have you ever taught a child to read? You may not think you have, however, if you read to your children or grand children at an early age, you have made a significant contribution to their ability to read and learn. Recently I saw an infomercial with a new way of teaching young babies to read.  They suggest.. read more →