Twisted Webs: Reviews

Great Author and Great Book – Makes You Think

I had absolutely no idea that this was a sequel until someone recently told me. It is a standalone book to me and you do not need to read the first book. I didn’t and haven’t.

The main focus of the book is the abduction of a twin baby girl from the hospital right after her birth. It focuses on the lives of all of the characters and how the abduction affects their lives.

Loved the action and “twists” but I did feel the ending was a bit trite. That said, I would still recommend it. The book was worth the time and price.

If a child is kidnapped, I have always felt contempt for the kidnapper. This books and it’s “twists” makes you think twice about being judgmental. The characters were shown from very different points of view.

I hated to put the book down but was grateful for the short chapters so that I could. It is a page turner!!!

This is a gifted story teller/author. I heartily recommend Twisted Webs.


Twisted Webs is one of “those books”

. . . a memorable book that is so powerfully embedded in your mind it seeps into your daily life. A co-worker or a friend’s action easily reminds you of a particularly enjoyable chapter of this mesmerizing book. Darlene Quinn’s Twisted Webs, the second book in her Webs Series creates powerful and gripping memories that will be difficult to escape.

Darlene Quinn nailed down the characters in Twisted Webs so definitively you feel you know them intimately. You’re easily scooped up into the action and taken on a journey with people you care about. In Twisted Webs we are witness to a horrific crime, the kidnapping of a newborn twin baby girl. We feel the anguish of a new mother who gave birth to the twins and is desperate to know who took her other baby girl. Where is she? Is she being cared for? Is she still alive? Will she ever know her the love of her true mother?

The fate of the stolen twin takes our emotions on ride of anguish, despair, empathy, anger, and hope, leaving us feeling as conflicted as the characters we are reading about. The twisted webs of this intriguing tale will keep you turning the pages deep into the night. Bravo!”

Kathy Porter: Goodreads

A baby girl is stolen, and tightly woven webs of deception encase her and two families for eight traumatic years.

The stunningly beautiful and elegant Ashleigh Taylor gives birth to twin daughters while she’s in Long Beach visiting her father figure, Charles Stuart, the founder of Bentley’s Royale. Hours later, a parent’s worst nightmare occurs: Cassie is kidnapped. Twisted Webs unravels the mystery of the abduction of Callie’s identical twin. With the same drama, tension, and high style that hooked readers of Webs of Power, the author invites loyal fans and readers new to the series to step into this provocative sequel set in the 1990s. There is plenty going on to keep them turning pages all the way to the end.

With candor and sensitivity, Darlene Quinn probes the shock and despair, the anger and frustration of parents suddenly missing a child and the long-term effects on a family wrestling with these emotions. Each of the novel’s complementary storylines–Paige Toddman’s reunion with her mother, Viviana De Mornay’s secret, and others–ties to the redemptive theme of motherhood.

Suspense electrifies the pages of each short, fast-paced chapter. Could Caroline Stuart have hired someone to kidnap the infant because of her deranged jealousy and desire for the Taylor family to suffer pain, as she does? Is the Jordon’s department store executive a suspect because of personal grief? The abducted twin’s father hires a deeply empathetic detective to answer those and many other questions that arise during her disappearance–at the close of which the author has crafted a knockout ending.

Babs: Goodreads

I read this book because someone in my book club chose it.

I typically read books that are more challenging and more thought provoking. This book read like a soap opera complete with deception, “coincidences” and high drama. Thankfully, I could skim it and not feel I was missing anything.

Wavelength: Goodreads

Twisted Webs has been gripping, artfully written and energetic, sorrowful and mean at times.

Still, the incandescent search for humanity in every relation it draws the participator towards keeps it alive within goodness at all times. The ending was actually unexpected and yet the hidden message one which the heart constantly seeks.

Samanthanoellegolt: Goodreads

This book is the follow up to Webs of Power: A Novel which I have not read but think that the back story is explained enough without having to read the previous book…

Because I had not read anything by Darlene Quinn before when I came across Twisted Webs the description made me curious to read it, I wanted to see how the author would have her characters handle not only the kidnapping of their infant twin daughter but all the other changes in their lives as well… This story is compelling, full of tension and dramatic suspense, and most of all the familial ties that bind us all together whether by blood or choice! The ending will have you in tears of joy even as it may be something you need to think about to come to your own conclusion of what you yourself would do if faced with the decision made by the characters!

Covering a span of eight years the reading is engaging, the pace steady and the story just goes to show you that the world we all live in can be a pretty small place..

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a wonderfully “human” look into a world that will never be part of my own but fascinates me all the same.Twisted Webs lived up to it’s name and then some and I look forward to reading more works from the author in the future.

Jackie: Goodreads

Well, well, Darlene, you wrote a wallop of a book!

Its physical size matches the scope of the problem you set up. It’s a great concept–kidnapping of an identical twin. Built into the problem at the outset is the anticipation of the twins inevitably coming together . The reader waits for that moment for 450 pages. Good trick.

The shortness of the chapters quickens the pace and keep the tension high.

The novel bounces along at a wonderfully lively pace, coming upon lots of subplots and back stories. And these all work as reflections, mirrors, as variations of the mother theme.

The early foreshadowing of the ultimate meeting works smartly, “Can’t hide it forever.”

I particularly liked the tease when the twins “almost” meet each other.

But what’s this: “Powerful men don’t like dramatic women”? Intriguing.

You have an interesting little technique of first bringing in a character out of the blue and then bringing in the activity he’s involved with, rather than the other way around. It catches the reader off-guard asking, Who’s this? Then, okay, I see it.

You handle time in the same surprising way. Suddenly without notice, we are in the future. The reader asks, “Who’s this? Oh yes.”

By the way, the book title is perfect. And your early references to it are not missed.

One hesitancy: Viviana’s history at the end of the novel brought up incest. That’s a big matzo ball dropped in at the end of a novel and not dealt with. Unless, as I suspect, you are going to deal with it heavily in the next book.

While reading the Epilogue, I began thinking how I would feel if my identical twin suddenly walked through the door and greeted me. The thought is fascinating.

The Author’s Note brings immediacy and personal contact with the author. It’s binding.

Your whale of a book with all of its characters reminds me of Dickens’ Nicholas Nickelby that was made into a 9-hour film. The length was possible because he had so many characters and so many subplots.

So I offer my congratulations, Darlene, on a Mainstream novel very well done.

Evelyn Marshall : Amazon

Twisted Webs is difficult to put down.

I became hooked during the first page. The action starts right away. A newborn twin is kidnapped from her mother while they are still in the hospital. The story-line is complex but plausible. The author, Darlene Quinn, untwists the intrigue clearly while leaving the reader speculating until the end of the book. The characters are well developed. Included in the story are the Los Angeles riots, large department store take-overs, greed, anger, revenge, fashion, struggle, love and compassion. The short chapters are appreciated. One can read a chapter quickly and go back later starting a fresh chapter. In conclusion, I don’t know how an author could think of the complex plot and deliver it without confusing the reader. Amazing. A good read.”

kissie: Amazon

Twisted Webs is Darlene Quinn’s latest novel and has been awarded the USA Best Book Finalist Award for General Fiction!

Twisted Webs is the sequel to Quinn’s novel Webs of Power.

Quinn once again grabs the reader from the very first page of her novel and holds the reader’s attention to the very last page. It is the summer of 1990 and a horrible thing happens in Long Beach, California, really two horrible things. In one woman’s ninth month of carrying a child, her appendix bursts and the death of the baby results. For another woman, soon after her twin daughters are born, one of the babies is kidnapped from the hospital. These two incidents tie together these two women and their families for years to follow.

The reader is taken on a high-energy journey from one part of the country to another and becomes a part of these two families and the emotions that each mother and family are experiencing. The characters and their personalities become alive and real on the pages and the emotions so vivid that they can be experienced by the reader. Be ready to join Ashleigh and Erica on a journey filled with secrecy, hurt, fear, manipulation and lust!

Darlene Quinn plans to release the prequel, titled “Irreversible Webs,” to this 2-book series in the middle of this year, something to be sure to look forward to!

K. Ingerto: Amazon

Darlene Quinn is not only an excellent writer, she has created a special niche she easily explores and fills to the fullest.

She combines the life of professionals in the elite department store conglomerates with the individual lives of strong women who are part of the high-fashion, marketing and powerful, finance deals!

I admit that I love the female characters that Quinn creates. If you haven’t met them yet, check out my review of her first book, Webs of Power. Each book easily stands alone; however, having read the first book when it came out, I was ready to move into the personal lives of the family when crisis hits…

As it did to the Taylor family…

Ashleigh Taylor, wife of one of the high-powered men in the financial world of store corporations has given birth to two beautiful identical girls. They are named Callie and Cassie, but Cassie is never to be called by her real name!

She is taken from the cradle in the hospital while Ashleigh sleeps and spirited away with absolutely no clues as to how and who took the little girl. Of course we see the drama of the family working through the investigation but months turn into years and there is no trace of Cassie.

Ashleigh prays that her daughter was taken by somebody who would love and care for her and is able to slowly begin to move forward.

The emphasis is on the family members caught in the terrible guilt of knowing where the child is, but having to choose whether to hurt their own family. Especially when the kidnapper is killed in an accident and the woman who becomes Cassie’s mother does not know the truth of how the baby came to be hers. She had been told that a young girl who had gotten pregnant had given her up.

Most of the arrangements that had been made before the kidnapper was killed had proceeded. Erica had named the little girl Marnie and Mike, her husband’s gay brother, was to live with them and help with the baby. In fact they had moved to New York and Erica had begun to be recognized as a designer as she worked for Viviana De Mornay. I’ll just say that I called Viviana the woman you loved to hate in the first book! You’ll enjoy her just as much in this one!

Twisted Indeed!

I loved what happened! It takes a wonderful woman to create the strong, spirited and admirable women that appear in Darlene Quinn’s books. Ashleigh Taylor is a woman each of us wishes we were–and sometimes are. Would we face tragedy and loss as she did?

And what about Erica? What would you do if you found out your daughter had been taken from her real mother?

This web is so intertwined that if you tear one part, you may destroy the entire structure of that beautiful Web! Drama at its finest!”

Glenda A Bixler “Glenda: Amazon

Twisted Webs ruined my whole day!

In the middle of the night I was so caught up, I couldn’t stop reading. Darlene Quinn has managed to do what few authors today can accomplish–write a thriller so captivating that you find yourself staying up all night. Darlene Quinn should be commended for a lot of fine writing, but even more for some great characters and elegant plotting. I’m thrilled that she was once one of my students. I’d like to take the credit, but I’ll have to admit she took everything I taught and soared beyond my class to new heights. She’s become a novelist readers won’t soon forget.

Maralys Wills: Amazon

I really enjoyed the action and twists and turns throughout the book, and it wasn’t predictable.

The characters were well developed and relateable. This is the first time I have read any of her books and look forward to reading the others. Thank you for your talent and hard work.

Pam: Amazon

The second in a series on intrigues in and around the fashion and retail industry by this fiction author.

This one is a prequel to the first, Webs of Power. This is a skilled author who writes a real page turner. The subject is around the kidnapping of a twin baby sister, who remains missing for eight years. Lots of plot twists and turns to keep the mystery buffs happy.

Reg Nordman: Amazon

The title of the book Twisted Webs is the best description I can think of to describe this intriguing book.

I won’t go into details since I think the other reviews have covered as much as you can without giving anything vital away. I will just say that it was a lot of fun to catch up with the main characters from “Webs of Power” and see how their lives have moved forward. I really enjoyed the pace of this book and the fact that it did move forward whereas other authors I have read just stay treading in the same place.

I also think a lot of authors who write books that have the same characters could take a lesson from Darleen Quinn on how to work in their back story. Ms.Quinn gives you just enough information that you don’t feel lost if you haven’t read the previous book while at the same time not boring the readers who have read the other book. I can’t stress what a fine line that is and something that most authors haven’t figured out.

One of the most interesting things I found in this book is how it makes you think about how you would react in the same situation. I love the fact that the characters were shown with opposite reactions to the same situation. The reader is able to see how they would react and then able to see to see a different side at the same time.

Like it seems with everyone else here I was hooked because just as I would think the story was going to go one way it would go another and I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to see where it was going to go. One of the things I really enjoy about the short chapters is that it keeps you in contact with what is going on with all of the characters at all times.

One final remark is that I really enjoyed the Author’s Note at the end of the book. It was very informative on a subject that I have wondered about for many years.

Peggy Kuntzelman: Amazon

Quinn’s Twisted Webs novel is an intense story of human frailties…

…wrought by conspiracies in business takeovers, secret family intrigue and child abduction. Throughout, it offers twists of suspense and is a compelling page-turner. ‘Waiting for a movie and the next book! Paperback much lighter to hold.

Ginnie Wilcox: Amazon

Twisted Webs was by far one of the best books I have ever read!

I couldn’t put it down and I could see the movie of it playing in my head! It was all I could do to put it down long enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Suzanne Portnoy: Amazon

Webs Revisited is a Winner!

Darlene Quinn’s latest Twisted Webs has brought back the characters from her previous novel Webs of Power. Twisted starts with a heartrending crime that every parent fears – kidnapping, and the tension doesn’t let up. Quinn’s formula of short chapters ending with a teaser works.

The plot is based around a subject close to Quinn’s heart, the department store of an earlier time. The book begins in 1990 following those titans of industry that have saved the mighty behemoths from extinction and their family intrigues through 1998.

The heart of this novel hinges on the love of family and friends. Just when you think the storyline will settle down and take a bit of a breather more intrigue pops up and keeps the reader wondering if the desired outcome will ever materialize. The pace really accelerates in the last 100 pages and I couldn’t wait to get to the conclusion.

L. de Vincent: Amazon

Twisted Webs” by Darlene Quinn lives up to its title as the suspense between two families ebbs and flows throughout the book

The plot rivets the reader; the pace is fast, unpredictable and highly satisfying. The reader will quickly become caught up in the author’s surprises. Darlene’s character development helps you feel like you are friends with her characters. The short chapters make it an easy read for the busy reader. Take your book along with a glass of iced tea outside to your favorite lounge chair and enjoy the afternoon with two good friends, the main characters.

SuzieQ: Amazon

I loved the second of Quinn’s series.

It was heartrending and exciting from the first when learning about the kidnapping. The story of the twins was almost devastating and I hardly put to book down to see what happened to them. The interwoven plots were marvelous and obviously her knowledge of the industry shows in every aspect of the story. I am waiting with bated breath for the next one that I know she is writing and hope she will write another about the lives of the twins.

BARBEE H: Amazon

This book is a real “page turner.

There is a great ending to each chapter. It makes you want to read more. The characters were so real that I cried like a baby when one of the characters died. Can’t wait for for the next book.

Mark T : Amazon

A thought provoking story!

Darlene Quinn successfully puts the readers into the minds of each of the characters in Twisted Webs.

A skillfully written ,compelling story about an identical twin taken from the hospital right under her mother’s nose. I found myself muttering “Oh my God” every now and then. I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to end. And in the end, we see what a small world we live in.”

Mrs. B: Amazon

Twisted Webs, the sequel to Darlene Quinn’s enthralling “Webs of Power,” is as riveting, insightful and dramatic.

In both captivating sagas, Quinn takes readers behind the scenes of a high-stakes world she knows firsthand, and it shows. Her thoughtful portrait of the high-stakes world of retail provides the perfect backdrop for her expertly drawn characters and skilled storytelling. “Twisted Webs” is a page-turner about the pain of secrets and lies, the power of love, the need for control, the pull of motherhood and marriage, and how painfully and miraculously small the world can be. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down until the emotionally charged ending.

All Heart : Amazon

I absolutely loved reading this sequel to Webs of Power…

…but one doesn’t have to read or even remember the details of the characters of the first book to appreciate Twisted Webs. The plot begins in the early nineties and follows the story of characters who are all tied to careers in the retail fashion industry. The main focus is on the abduction of a twin baby girl right after her birth and how it affects the lives of all of the related characters. This book has many subplots that allow the story to twist and turn through many unexpected endings. One advantage to reading this novel is that it is broken into very brief chapters: some as short as two pages! It is a great way to pick up a few pages here and there if you take the book on vacation, to appointments, or even to the beach. The story is well-written, the characters are believable and the read enjoyable. Darlene Quinn is remarkable as a writer!

YellowFlowers: Amazon

Twisted Webs grabs, and keeps, your attention from the very first line of the prologue to the very last line of the book.

It is truly gripping and I was always eager to get back to this book as soon as I could! Darlene’s writing style is extremely appealing and her background knowledge of the retail world is superb. The way she develops her characters means that we really get to know them and care about them – which, for me, is a critical part of enjoying any book. Darlene weaves a fascinating story around the abduction of an identical twin girl at birth and thereby begins a roller coaster ride of events and we are never sure of what the outcome will be until the end. This is an outstanding book that I would highly recommend. Don’t lose out – buy it as soon as it’s available!!”

Kim Anderson: Amazon

Loved Twisted Webs, Hoping a Sequel is in the Works!

I just finished Twisted Webs last night – and I’m having such a loss that it’s over! I certainly hope the next book is in the works so I can follow the lives of Marnie and Cassie. I absolutely loved the way it ended – would never thought of that scenario – but knowing the strange twists and turns of real life and livingness, that certainly could have happened! I feel so much a part of the characters and want to keep following them!

Marsha Friedman: Barnes & Noble

Twisted Webs. . .even more exciting than Webs of Power – Ms. Quinn gets better & better!

Ms. Quinn’s newest book, Twisted Webs, demands your attention from the first page and continues to deliver until the very end! Her characters are real and compelling with mounting empathy for both families in this highly charged drama! Ms. Quinn takes the unbearable kidnapping of a twin baby and shows a mother who never forgets this child, nor gives up hope of her safe return but who also remembers she is blessed to have her other twin daughter safe and healthy! A very good lesson in today’s world!

Simplybarbaraholm: Barnes & Noble

An amazing book that will pull you in at the very first few pages.

Oh my, I have had the privilege of reading the newest book by Darlene Quinn. I so loved her first “WEBS” book. This one takes you further into the webs of power and the webs of the lives of the characters.I just could not put this book down! This book shows how close the characters get without knowing it…at least for awhile. That provides great suspense and kept me reading. I wondered when the discovery of the kidnapping would come to light and what the outcome would be for the twins. Well there are “glimmers” all along. I so liked the way that Darlene weaves the plot with the “real” feelings of the characters. The ending was so real and so true to the emotions of those involved. As a Psycho-therapist I found Darlene’s writing to be “spot-on” to what I would think would be the emotions of the characters and yet, as happens with the psychology of people you just don’t know for sure what the ending will be until you get there. Thanks Darlene for another great book!!! Barbara Casey

vanilla-vodka: Barnes & Noble

RIVETING …..I couldn’t put the book down.

Darlene masterfully keeps you in suspense, literally hanging on the edge of your seat, as she twists her web of deceit and intrigue.

As the story continues, involving characters who dwell in the megalopolis of Department Stores and Fashion Design, their lives intertwine over eight years ater the disappearance of the twin girl.

Throughout the story at various times, events occurred in Long Beach which was especially engaging for me because of familiar names and places in this town where i grew up.

Twisted Webs is a sensitive story of love, deception and heart wrenching relationships, with a surprise ending.”

CATERERSHIRL: Barnes & Noble

You will want to jump into this web! With the first page, Darlene Quinn dramatically grabs the reader in revealing a startling course of events that sets up the framework of her latest novel.

A stolen twin! A broken hearted mother! A desperate thief! The sequel to Webs of Power, Twisted Webs continues Quinn’s story of intigue, deceit, love and passion on the background of corporate retail America. Caught in the web, I was held tightly to the conclusion. Staying true to her characters’ development, Quinn takes us through eight years before ending this chapter of her story, and ends with revelations you will not guess!

While entertaining us, Quinn also manages to give personal insight into the decline, fall, and resurgence of the iconic American department stores’ history. Twisted Webs is well worth the time. But, I warn you, you will want to read more about Vivana, Allyson, and Paige. And, you will want to know what they are wearing! Kudos to Darlene Quinn. This is a page turner!

TL98: Barnes & Noble

Twisted Web – A fast-paced, insightful story that will draw you in and won’t let you go.
In a sequel to her award-winning Webs of Power, author Darlene Quinn again takes us into the lives of department store heiress Ashleigh Taylor and her husband Conrad, a sought-after executive in the realm of retail merchandising.

Tragedy shatters their glamorous lifestyle when their newborn daughter, an identical twin, vanishes from the hospital. As the story unfolds, the reader follows not only the anguished parents, their circle of friends and the hard-boiled private detective they hire, but also the distraught kidnapper and his family as they grapple with the dilemma his action has caused.

Quinn’s skillful handling of the tension between these two points of view puts a human face on a terrible crime and makes this an unusually gripping read. Closely-held secrets that must be revealed, fascinating supporting characters and their stories, all set in the glittering world of high fashion, add luster to the tightly-crafted plot.

I know you will be, as I was, totally caught up in these Twisted Webs.

megwright: Barnes & Noble

Twisted Webs is highly recommended!

This book is a real “page turner.” There is a great ending to each chapter. It makes you want to read more. The characters were so real that I cried like a baby when one of the characters died. Can’t wait for for the next book.”

SallyNF: Amazon