Unpredictable Webs


From cocky cougars to perceptive private eyes, Unpredictable Webs is filled with enough vivid characters and plot twists to keep any lover of the genre happily turning the pages into the wee hours of the night. You won’t want to miss this juicy journey of intrigue, drama and suspense!. – C.E. Lawrence: Award-winning author of the “Silent” thrillers, starring NYPD profiler Lee Campbell

Betrayal, rebellion, jealousy, and a kidnapping gone awry are at the core of this ensnaring novel.

About to turn sixteen, Marnie Taylor is rebellious. Kidnapped at birth and already eight years old before she was united with her birth family, she lacks many shared memories. She feels like an outsider and is jealous of her more even-tempered and popular twin sister, Callie. Lonely, Marnie finds a compassionate listener in Brad, whom she meets online. Spinning a web of lies to throw her parents off track, Marnie arranges an in-person meet-up with Brad. She realizes too late that she has been targeted in a sinister scheme for ransom.

Quinn’s vivid cast of characters return in this high-tension, stand-alone sequel. Though their actions are totally believable, they are far from predictable. Cougar Viviana De Mornay takes Chicago’s fashion world and” Italian Stallion” Gino Cabello by storm. Tony Wainwright, who has paid his dues for a past crime and appears to have turned his life around, is catapulted to the top of the list of suspects. PI Ross Pocino is on the scene with his surprising insights into criminal behavior, and Paige Toddman’s mother, Helen, seems to grow younger every day. While some mothers can unintentionally do unspeakable harm to their children, Ashleigh’s steel-magnolia actions redeem the sacredness of that role.


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