Webs of Perception

Webs of Perception

Webs of Perception, the final novel in Darlene Quinn’s Webs series, takes the Taylor family on a gripping emotional journey, disembarking in New York, Paris, London, and Long Beach as they face their greatest challenges in love and loyalty.

Things aren’t always what they seem . . .

On a semester-at-sea program for the arts, twin sisters Callie and Marnie Taylor suffer separate tragedies when a rogue wave broadsides their ship, the Rising Star. One twin struggles with autobiographical amnesia. The other has been lost at sea. Or has she?

Reconnect with the glamorous, tumultuous world of the extended Taylor family, including the ever-hopeful Ashleigh, who trusts her intuition and persists in learning the truth while protecting her three daughters; her grieving husband Conrad, the dedicated CEO who must also face the facts about the fate of Jordon’s employees in a changing retail climate; and spunky, college-aged Juliana, who kindles an even deeper appreciation among the sisters—and a far stronger perception of their cherished roles in each other’s lives.

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