Webs of Perception: Reviews


Wow! This one has a lot of moving parts.

Separate tragedies have befallen identical twins Callie and Marnie Taylor. Both were enjoying a semester-at-sea program aboard the Rising Star — Callie for dance and Marnie for a writing intensive — when a rogue wave hit the massive ship. Marnie is found with a concussion and a case of amnesia. But after an exhaustive search of the ship, it is feared that Callie has gone overboard. Or has she?

Webs of Perception, the final novel in Darlene Quinn’s Webs series about the Taylor family, really drives to heart that things aren’t always as they seem.

A stand-alone novel from the others, though characters and plots continue, Webs of Perception has enough drama to fascinate for hours of page-turning. A major plot twist is unveiled about a third of the way through the novel, and from that point on, things continue to develop… quickly and crazily. Just the way a fiction lover likes it!

Some of the greater themes of the fast-paced story include: How to deal with life when faced with the challenge of autobiographical amnesia; Choosing a career based on a life passion; Loyalty to self and family; And – most randomly – the fate of department stories in the changing retail environment.

Well written and thoroughly entertaining, Webs of Perception is a riveting story that has readers feeling an intimate connection to all members of the ill-fated Taylor family and anxious to know what more could possibly happen to them!

Katherine Michael


I have had the pleasure of reading all the books in the “Web” series so I can definitely say that Darlene Quinn saved the best for last. While I really enjoyed all the books in the series, this is the one that I really, really had trouble putting down. I have an eye disease and I am not suppose to read for very long periods of time and that is why I love the short chapters in this book, however I found myself saying just one more chapter and that led to just one more chapter and so, that is how suspenseful “Webs of Perception” is, you just want to find out what is going to happen next.

I really found the style that this book was written in very interesting, one chapter will be from the point of a storyteller and then the next from a first person account, both of them telling you about the same period of time just from different views. Then I was really thrilled when I got to the second part of the book and it is the same time period but told from a totally different location. I don’t think I have ever read a book in this style and once again I wanted to just keep reading and reading.

I also enjoyed all the vivid details of the different locations that the story takes you. I haven’t visited any of the places that we were taken but with the great descriptions I felt like I was right there with the characters.

As I have stated I have read all the books in the “Web” series but you don’t really need to have read any of the previous books to get hooked by “Webs of Perception”. Darlene Quinn does an excellent job of just giving you enough background information on each character without making you feel like she is repeating herself. If I hadn’t read the other books I am sure I would seek them out to find out more in depth details but as it is you just feel like you are getting a quick reminder.

It was fun to get to spend time with these characters that I have followed over the years and I think Ms. Quinn did an excellent job of bringing us up to the present on each of them and making us feel like it was a good place to finish telling their story.

Peggy Kuntzelman


This is the final book in a series. I’ve not read the previous books, but I was able to read this as a stand alone. I enjoyed the writing, the mystery and well-crafted characters. The premise of two sisters, one supposedly lost at sea and one with memory loss of the event at sea, was fun to read as the mystery deepened toward the truth. I look forward to reading the previous books in the series, as I enjoyed the authors writing.

Thank you for the ARC. My opinions are my own.

Cozy Cat R. | Reviewer


I recently finished reading the newest novel (Advanced Readers Copy) by Darlene Quinn. This book, Webs of Perception, completes the author’s “Webs” series, and takes the reader through several different events that happen to the Taylor family. The reader will find all the paths taken to be mysterious and interesting. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “all things must come to an end,” this is the last story about this family. Each book can stand alone, but all would be very good for television, particularly as a “continuing saga”. Readers, enjoy!

Harriet Berg | Reviewer


This was an engrossing family drama. I enjoyed the way that the family’s relationships were portrayed. The novel begins with the twins, who are the oldest children of the Taylor family, on board a ship that is involved in an accident with a rogue wave. One of the girls ends up with amnesia and one ends up missing. After this, the family is involved in a dramatic chain of events as they try to heal from what happened. The Taylor family is an affluent family who owns a chain of retail stores. The family has a close relationship and strong ties with each other. This helps them to deal together with the aftermath of what happened on the ship.

GenaS | BookBub Reader


I really enjoyed this book, I found out that I love stories that involves twins. It is another tragedy in Taylor’s family, how are they going to cope this time? Callie and Marnie’s adventures at sea are going to be a nightmare. Lovely book.
Thank you Netgalley for this copy.

Adriana B. | Reviewer


A Good Clean Read!

Webs of Perception by talented Author Darlene Quinn is the final fictional novel in the Webs series. I have read and reviewed several of them and each one is a stand alone novel and equally as captivating as the next. For me, it felt like I was catching up on the lives and news of the intriguing Taylor family. Each member of this vibrant group is faced with many challenges. Conrad, is struggling with the closing of many of Jordan’s department stores due to the advancement in new age technology and the increase in online shopping. Ashleigh continues to be the loving, optimistic wife to her husband Conrad. Their marriage of over twenty-five years still shines with the aura of true love. She is also a devoted and loving mother to their twin daughters, Callie and Marnie, as well as eighteen year old Juliana.

Callie and Marnie are presently at sea on the Rising Star enjoying an unique learning experience when a gigantic rogue wave broadsides their ship. Due to this unfortunate set of circumstances, one of the twins bumps her head and has no recollection of her past life. To add to this serious situation, her twin sister is thought to be lost at sea along with one of the ship’s staff members. Both are believed to have been swept off the deck when the rogue wave hit and are presumed dead.

Ashleigh, with her woman’s intuition, refuses to give up on either of her daughters. However, with the assistance of Private Investigator Ross Pocino of Landes Agencies, the search begins to bring about some understanding and closure to the confusion resulting from the mishap at sea. They keys questions are, which twin has amnesia and which twin is missing at sea and why…

Webs of Perception is a good clean read which is sure to attract a wide reading audience. Whether this is the first novel one reads in this series or the last, it is a real page turner and kept me glued to the page from beginning to end!

Inspirational Author | Dolores Ayotte


The Webs series are ALWAYS great books!

I have always enjoyed the Webs series books! I like the short chapters and interesting details. From the moment I began the book I knew that I would enjoy the experience. The twins, Callie and Marnie are on an adventure of a lifetime from a rouge wave to having a new appreciation of their relationship. I always enjoy Darlene’s style that leaves me wondering what’s next. This family group is ever evolving. The mystery of who was where during the event of the rouge wave leads to confusions and finally new discoveries of each other. Darlene brings in the personal lives of the characters who are not only dealing with the experience of the twins but also their own pressing issues and life changes. I will miss her books and her characters. But she has brought enjoyment and great reading to my my life! Be sure to get this book and you will find it enjoyable and intriguing.

I received this book for an exchange of my honest review. The bottom line: YES, I would recommend this book to a friend!

Babs | Westminster, CA


When you have been a fan for so long of Darlene Quinn’s web series it is only natural that you want to read her last book on the series. As per usual it is a pleasure to get hold of one of her books. This time she has published “Webs of Perception” and it is being launched on the 11th November this year 2018. I have just finished reading it and I am as per usual impressed with the plot and the story line but most of all with the way the author explains it to us so we can easily follow a muddled up plot that could otherwise drive the reader crazy.

Exquisite writing and a complicated plot make it a page turner from the very first chapter. Darlene is a very well researched author who writes very true to life circumstances.  The characters are life like, and not just left to the imagination, they seem so real you think you know them! Their expressions and their feelings are so well explained by the author that you can visualise who they are and what they even look like.

Every author tends to put real situations into a story by explaining and using their personal experiences or those of their family and friends which explains why the characters are so true to life, vivid and believable. In this series, the author expertly gives us an insight into each of the main character’s way of life.  Their conversations and even situations are very believable in these chaotic circumstances. There is no melodrama even with the upheaval the twins cause in the family.  The parents seem very stable and well able to cope in every disturbing situation, teaching us all a lesson of how we should perceive life and its turmoils! It made me think of an English proverb: “If you worry you die, if you don’t worry, you still die. So why worry?” A lesson to be learnt in given situations.

The back cover review states that one twin has amnesia and the other is lost at sea. This is true information about the story line but I do not agree with the statement that follows “OR HAS SHE?” meaning, has she been lost at sea, or maybe not!  I think this three words should be omitted as it gives away too much of the plot…you know she will be found.

All in all, an entertaining read, a well written story and a great conclusion to the WEB series.

Undoubtedly a recommended read.

Sonia Golt BEM


We picked the book up and on Page 1, immediately, author Darlene Quinn, thrusts us into a shocking tragedy! A badly wounded young girl is suffering from something she cannot identify! She also finds she doesn’t know what has happened, where she is, and the most frightening revelation, she doesn’t know her name! We are drawn into a complicated situation and left with scanty details to perceive the happenstance that surrounds our victim and us as readers.

As the story unfolds, we know that a rogue wave has hit a ship at sea that carried the Taylor twins, Marnie and Callie: one is critically injured and the other missing in action! Quinn, master of twists and turns, throws details, hunches, relationships and various possibilities into the story that surges ahead as it plays out. In concern for each twin and their family, we feverishly turn pages to discover the fate of these engaging characters.

By the time we begin to solve the mystery, the whole Taylor clan has entered into this concluding tale, the 6th in the Quinn’s Web series. With skill and cleverness, she brings us to a satisfying last look at the fascinating Taylor family! (Or, is it?)

Pick up Webs of Perception and read it; you will not be disappointed! I could not put it down!

(WARNING! If this is your 1st Quinn book, you MAY be forced to read them all!)

Ruthie May in Long Beach


Thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest and last installment in the “Webs” series. Author Darlene Quinn once again thoughtfully brought all of her characters to vibrant life and filled us in on their lives since the last book. Callie and Marnie’s adventures at sea and travel in England and France and how their family deals with the possible loss of one of the twins proves engaging and highly entertaining.

Kami Weeks


Immediately, author Darlene Quinn, thrusts us into a shocking tragedy! As the story unfolds, we know that a rogue wave has hit a ship at sea that Carried the Taylor twins, Marnie and Callie.
Quinn, master of twists and turns, throws details, hunches, relationships and various possibilities into the story that surges ahead as it plays out. In concern for each twin and their family, we feverishly turn pages to discover the fate of these engaging characters.
Pick up “Webs of Perception” and read it. You will not be disappointed! But you may lose sleep!

Nanci Gee


Having been a fan of Darlene’s work for some years now. This last installment of the web series had me in its grasp from start to finish. vividly creating pictures with her words i can completely understand why the series could have been adapted into a movie or even a TV series. i think it still should.

Rodney Smith


Webs of Perception is a page turning suspense story that I could not put down until I finished it a day and a half later! I would highly recommend it as a great read.

Nikki Benson


This is the best book of this series. The plot was exciting, the suspense was intriguing, and I could hardly put it down.

Margie E.